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    Happy [almost] New Year! | Giveaway

    Dec 28, 2011 Business Giveaway
    Hi friends! I hope everyone had some quality time with family and friends as we near the end of 2011. I love celebrating on New Year's Eve! It is the perfect time to reflect on the year...it reminds us of all we have to be thankful for,  it shows us all what we are capable of and how much we have grown in just one year. New Year's Eve also gives us the opportunity to think of what we want to accomplish, how we want to continue to grow, who we want to reconnect with or maybe continue to connect with in the new year. The New Year gives each of a fresh start to show ourselves, our families and even the world what we each are capable of. This year I wrote a list of 3 words that I will strive to live up to everyday. One of the words on my list that I want to share with you is :: CHALLENGE. I know I can challenge myself everyday in different ways - both personally and professionally. I will challenge myself to be a better wife, sister and daughter. I will challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I will challenge myself to push boundaries on creativity. I will challenge myself to continue to surround myself with positive people. In honor of the upcoming New Year I wanted to giveaway a few pretty awesome prizes! 1. $50.00 gift card to Anthropology 2. $25.00 gift card to itunes 3. $15.00 gift card to Starbucks How to enter :: *Must do all three for a complete entry* 1. Leave a comment below with ONE word that you want to strive to live out over the course of 2012 2. Become a fan of Cyn Kain Photography on Facebook (Follow me HERE on twitter if you have an account) 3. Share this give away link on your facebook page and be sure to TAG "Cyn Kain Photography" (** Tag CKP, not me personally :) **) Winners will be chosen at random on Monday January 2nd! Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve!!
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    • Heidi: Simplify! Xoxo Cyn! (01.01.2012, 3:01PM)
    • Claire D: My word for 2012 : monumental ! happy new year to all! (31.12.2011, 3:12PM)
    • Sarah L.: My focus is on BALANCE! Balancing work, classes, health, finances, my puppy, kitty, and handsome man. (30.12.2011, 9:12PM)
    • Kathleen Ramsey: Spontaneous. (30.12.2011, 3:12PM)
    • Erin McLean: Love this Cyn!!! My word for 2012 excellence!! Happy almost 2012!! Let's do this!!! (30.12.2011, 3:12PM)
    • Katie Hunt: In 2012, I'm aiming for MOVEMENT! 1) Body - exercise more! 2) Home - buy a house! 3) Work - get an assistant and a raise! (30.12.2011, 2:12PM)
    • Elizabeth Mauldin: My word is capitalize. It is a year of new and exciting opportunities! :) (30.12.2011, 12:12PM)
    • Karen: My word for 2012 is Celebrate. There are a lot of changes coming this year and I hope we can be appreciative and celebrate all of them. (30.12.2011, 11:12AM)
    • Brittney: Lovely website! I did all of three that you listed above. My word for 2012 will be RELAX. I don't do this NEARLY enough and I really want to strive to let things go and just enjoy life. Thanks for the challenge :) (30.12.2011, 11:12AM)
    • Elizabeth: First I have to say how much I love your blog/site every time I visit. It's so lovely! I have quite a few changes and unknowns for 2012 and I love this idea! I am excited about becoming a mom but don't want to loose momentum with my craft. So that is one of my 3 words: Momentum. I realize I can apply this to not only my business but my spiritual life as well. I want to gain momentum and grow in that area more. I am already a fan and follower! :) Hugs! (30.12.2011, 11:12AM)
    • Elena: shared: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cyn-Kain-Photography/154851744171?sk=wall#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=271765479547306&id=100002433695748 (29.12.2011, 3:12PM)
    • Elena: I like your facebook page as Elena Istomina (29.12.2011, 3:12PM)
    • Elena: My word is Relax. I need to find more time to relax in 2012 (29.12.2011, 3:12PM)
    • Mami2jcn: Shared on FB--https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=118869571564892&id=100000611160195 (29.12.2011, 10:12AM)
    • Ashley H.: My word is Patience. I like you on fb as Ashley Hewell and I shared this post. (29.12.2011, 10:12AM)
    • Mami2jcn: I like you on FB with my username Mary Happymommy. (29.12.2011, 10:12AM)
    • Mami2jcn: In 2012 I'd like to live out KINDNESS. (29.12.2011, 10:12AM)
    • Ashley B: Cynthia, I love this idea--3 words for the New Year. Today I will ponder my words. Happy New Year! (29.12.2011, 5:12AM)
    • Laura Hilliard: My word is: CONNECT. I feel so fortunate to have friends and family that I love all over the world (thank you US Navy) and so I want to make sure I stay connected, and let them know how much they are appreciated! That is why my goal is "connect". (28.12.2011, 11:12PM)
    • Asha Patel: Simplify is the word for me! (28.12.2011, 10:12PM)
    • Tonya Dew: My word for 2012 is Confidence ..... it is time to believe in myself ! (28.12.2011, 9:12PM)
    • Marissa Hoisington: My word for 2012 is Simplify....it is time to simplify our lives!

      Happy New Year Cyn! (28.12.2011, 8:12PM)
    • Becca Jane A.: Gratitude. (28.12.2011, 8:12PM)
    • Doha: My word for 2012 is Ambition: to be the best person I can in all facets. (28.12.2011, 8:12PM)
    • Courtney P: My word for 2012 is appreciation. I have so many people that do so much for me and I am going to try harder to show them how much they mean to me! (28.12.2011, 8:12PM)
    • Danielle Mahoney: My word will be BREATHE. Life is busy and we all need to take time to slow down, reflect and show gratitude. In 2012 I will work to quiet the mind and find peace :) (28.12.2011, 7:12PM)
    • Elizabeth M: My word for 2012 will be GRATEFUL. Sometimes my life gets so busy that I forget to be grateful every day for all the amazing things in my life. And if I win one of those gift cards I would be super GRATEFUL! As a new Mom on a budget I didn't get many Christmas presents for myself. I would love to pick myself up something! (28.12.2011, 6:12PM)
    CKP On to Baby

    Ivy Lucille | Featured

    Dec 27, 2011 Press
    Thank you to the ladies of On to Baby for featuring sweet Ivy  today . Click HERE to see more of the featured photos and be sure to leave some love! What a fantastic way to come off vacation today!
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    bella dog combo 3

    Merry Christmas + Vacation time…

    Dec 19, 2011 Business
    I will be out of the office from Tuesday December 20 - Tuesday December 27th spending some quality time with my family (SO EXCITED!) Please feel free to call and/or email me with messages during this time and I will be sure to touch base with each of you when I return! Sending lots of love to y'all and Merry Christmas! My office manager spreading some Christmas cheer below *Left two photos with snow taken today in Syracuse, NY. I sure am wishing for a white Christmas in Virginia ;)  
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