Monthly archives: August 2011

Becoming a warrior.

This past Saturday some of my family and friends decided to participate in the Warrior Dash in North Carolina. We were lucky, we had a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze from Hurricane Irene.

Here are a few photos captured from the day. If you have free time and want to laugh at some photos of me going through the actual obstacles, take a peek these photos. (I am bib # 20212) BE NICE :)

The starting line…I was AMAZED at the number of people that turned out for this event. Over 5,000 people raced on Saturday…and there was a race on Sunday too!

The gang BEFORE the madness began.

My brother and sister-in-law on the left….the dads on the right.
The gals!
My sister-in-law, Sarah & I just seconds after crossing the finish line…we are rather happy :)
This is one of my favorite photos – My dad giving the two of us the biggest, muddiest hug – after he dominated the course. Isn’t there something wrong with my 51 year old dad (sorry, daddy!) beating me? This showed me how much more training I need to do for my upcoming 1/2 marathon!
My adopted sister on the left (not really adopted, but I wish!)…who finished FIRST of all of us. And my little sister and dad on the right.
A couple that gets muddy together, stays together! A BFF of mine with her hubby :)

Sarah celebrating with cold beer in her warrior hat ….And of course I had to get a photo with just my sister and dad…This is what we do for family bonding. Next year we will have to get my mom in on the action!
I think this next shot is hilarious. After the race, you get hosed off like cattle.

After. All clean (somewhat), in our warrior hats and no broken bones.

Celebrating the way all warriors do…with one GIANT Turkey leg.

Will I do this again? ABSOLUTELY. Hopefully next time with even more family and friends…and we will be dressed up. Brainstorm sessions for costume ideas have already begun!

Happy Wednesday folks! I must go as I am being kicked out of yet another Panera…I guess sitting 6+ hours in their store is not okay…who knew? haha. Keep your fingers crossed we get our power back on soon here!

Look what came today!

I knew my giant box of collateral would be delivered today. I actually debated sitting on my porch all day just to await this delivery…but of course that would not be very productive…so I settled to sit outside just for an hour this morning with my green tea, Bella dog & computer to reply to emails.

It didn’t come during that time, but I still enjoyed my beautiful morning outside. Just before lunch my package came. And here is a peek at what was inside ::

Do you love it? Again, another special thanks to Making Brands Happen for, well, making THIS happen.

Same me, new look.

Hi Friends! I am SO thrilled for you to see the NEW Cyn Kain Photography! This new brand has been a work in progress for the past 8 months and launch day is finally here (YAY!).

The debate as I sit here in front of the screen typing my introductory blog post is where to start, how much to write, and what exactly to share. I have decided to keep it short (maybe) and sweet and hit some moments that I feel are what lead me to this moment, today….where I am counting my blessings twice and am as happy as a lark. I will be sure to break up some of this text with tidbits about my new brand :) Read More

Steven + Allie | Richmond, VA | Engagement

Steven and Allie are perfect together. I first met Steven over 3 years ago and got to know him as we became friends…his love for chicken nuggets, his interest in politics and his quirky humor. During their engagement session I shared with them how I still remember Steven sending me a message on gchat to tell me about Allie…particularly how cute she is. Fast forward a year and they are planning a fall wedding in the Mountains of NC.

Not to sound cliche…but these two are seriously two peas in a pod. And for those of you who know Steven and Allie, I know you agree :) Read More

Kelly + Josh | Huntersville, NC | Wedding

Kelly and Josh have a relationship based on faith and their immense love for God. They are high school sweethearts and have dated for over 9 years now. Their wedding is one of the most intimate, heartfelt ceremonies I have photographed. The preacher focused on the fact that while they have had their ups & downs (some big and some small) that their faith is what ultimately pulled them through the other side, TOGETHER. As they turned to their faith for guidance and support, their love not only grew for God, but for each other. Read More