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    Becoming a warrior.

    Aug 31, 2011 Personal
    This past Saturday some of my family and friends decided to participate in the Warrior Dash in North Carolina. We were lucky, we had a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze from Hurricane Irene. Here are a few photos captured from the day. If you have free time and want to laugh at some photos of me going through the actual obstacles, take a peek these photos. (I am bib # 20212) BE NICE :) The starting line...I was AMAZED at the number of people that turned out for this event. Over 5,000 people raced on Saturday...and there was a race on Sunday too! The gang BEFORE the madness began. My brother and sister-in-law on the left....the dads on the right. The gals! My sister-in-law, Sarah & I just seconds after crossing the finish line...we are rather happy :) This is one of my favorite photos - My dad giving the two of us the biggest, muddiest hug - after he dominated the course. Isn't there something wrong with my 51 year old dad (sorry, daddy!) beating me? This showed me how much more training I need to do for my upcoming 1/2 marathon! My adopted sister on the left (not really adopted, but I wish!)...who finished FIRST of all of us. And my little sister and dad on the right. A couple that gets muddy together, stays together! A BFF of mine with her hubby :) Sarah celebrating with cold beer in her warrior hat ....And of course I had to get a photo with just my sister and dad...This is what we do for family bonding. Next year we will have to get my mom in on the action! I think this next shot is hilarious. After the race, you get hosed off like cattle. After. All clean (somewhat), in our warrior hats and no broken bones. Celebrating the way all warriors do...with one GIANT Turkey leg. Will I do this again? ABSOLUTELY. Hopefully next time with even more family and friends...and we will be dressed up. Brainstorm sessions for costume ideas have already begun! Happy Wednesday folks! I must go as I am being kicked out of yet another Panera...I guess sitting 6+ hours in their store is not okay...who knew? haha. Keep your fingers crossed we get our power back on soon here!
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    Look what came today!

    Aug 24, 2011 Business Personal
    I knew my giant box of collateral would be delivered today. I actually debated sitting on my porch all day just to await this delivery...but of course that would not be very productive...so I settled to sit outside just for an hour this morning with my green tea, Bella dog & computer to reply to emails. It didn't come during that time, but I still enjoyed my beautiful morning outside. Just before lunch my package came. And here is a peek at what was inside :: Do you love it? Again, another special thanks to Making Brands Happen for, well, making THIS happen.
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    • Emily @ Southern Weddings: SO fun and gorgeous, Cyn! And PERFECT for your new look! (01.09.2011, 3:09PM)
    • Leo Timoshuk: Cynthia, these are soo amazing! Very cool! (25.08.2011, 12:08AM)
    • Katherine: Beautiful, beautiful! I'm sure you're ecstatic! :) xo (24.08.2011, 6:08PM)
    • Victoria Derrick: Goodness my, I might have to book you again just to get these beauties :) So perfect! (24.08.2011, 5:08PM)
    • Lara: Yahooo!!! Emily and I are so excited for you, Cyn!!! We're so proud of you!! (24.08.2011, 4:08PM)
    • Adger Rothwell: I am so excited for you! Congratulations! (24.08.2011, 4:08PM)
    • Alina: It looks amazing!!! (24.08.2011, 4:08PM)

    Same me, new look.

    Aug 18, 2011 Business Personal
    Hi Friends! I am SO thrilled for you to see the NEW Cyn Kain Photography! This new brand has been a work in progress for the past 8 months and launch day is finally here (YAY!). The debate as I sit here in front of the screen typing my introductory blog post is where to start, how much to write, and what exactly to share. I have decided to keep it short (maybe) and sweet and hit some moments that I feel are what lead me to this moment, today….where I am counting my blessings twice and am as happy as a lark. I will be sure to break up some of this text with tidbits about my new brand :)
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    Growing up I was all girl. Even though my father is from NY and my mom from Korea, I was raised in the south with sweet tea, biscuits and catching fire flies in jars. I wore dresses, my mom always had my hair done, my ears were pierced, I did ballet, thought about what my wedding would be like and always knew I would be mommy someday. Yes, I was that girl. As I got older I became very interested in art and had a deep appreciation for it all - whether it was dance, paintings, photography or theatre. I attribute this to the many trips to various museums with my mom. I became interested in photography a bit in middle school and took courses in high school in addition to my art class. I think art and photography (and lunch!) were my favorite times of the day. Long story short, I was gearing up for college and needed to decide what I was going to do when I grow up…because certainly you cannot make a decent living in art (or so I thought). Photography (and other arts) were quickly pushed aside early in college. I worked internships in marketing and advertising, had a few jobs after graduation and met some great friends along the way. While working I had been wanting to upgrade to a new DSLR and always put it off. What ultimately led me to pick the camera back up again was being laid off from my job - It seemed the like the worst possible timing as my husband was in dental school (i.e. he was not getting a paycheck)…but it was a huge blessing in disguise. I was lucky though...thankful to a few good friends I was able to find a new job quickly but this time I kept shooting on the side. After a few months of shooting regularly I couldn't believe I had ever stopped. My husband and I talked it over and decided it would be a perfect time for me to build a business on the side of my "real job". I loved it. It never seemed like I was working a second job. I was happy. We got a blog up (thanks to an old friend, Kelly, who runs From Scratch Design) and next thing I knew I was booking up. In the spring of 2010 I ran across Lara Casey's blog which led me to the Making Things Happen site and scholarship link. I watched videos from the site…read comments…read her personal blog and I literally remember thinking one second "Hey, I should apply!" and then the next second thinking "Why should I? They don't know me? Am I even good enough?". Well, after a few weeks of teetering back and forth I just did it. I just sat down and wrote a little entry. Months went by and by that time I figured they had picked their winner. Well, lo and behold I get a call from Ms. Lara Casey herself telling me I was selected as a partial scholarship recipient. Changed my life. I remember exactly where I was when I got her message…It was September 17 and I was in Pawley's Island getting my nails done with my now sister-in-law for her wedding. Needless to say I was thrilled! Well, a couple months later I was on a plane to Houston, Texas to meet Lara, Emily and Gina and group of inspirational women. It was here that I decided it was now or never. If I was going to do this I needed to do it with all my heart - I needed to create a brand that represented all of me. A brand that would embody my values and goals. Because of Making Things Happen I am now connected with so many kind, focused, honest, inspiration people. Being apart of the MTH community is like having real-life cheerleaders, everyday. MTH was huge in helping me gain clarity about who I am and who I am striving to be. Taking risks and being honest with myself was the only way I was going take this business to the next level and have genuine, wholehearted relationships with my family and clients. A HUGE hug to the ladies behind Making Brands Happen, Lara & Emily. You both have gone above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. I am so happy to have met you ladies and grateful to have you as friends. A shout-out to Ross and the Flosites team for making my vision a reality on the world wide web…I know it wasn't easy with a not.at.all.web.savvy.gal like myself. And lastly a leaping high-five to the talented Joey + Jessica for providing me with photos to use of myself (and my pup) on this new site…and for letting my Bella play with sweet Polly. And of course none of this would have been possible without the support of my family and friends. Thank you to my wonderful husband who carried bags for me at a number of shoots and even assisted at weddings...I owe you one ;) Thanks to my mom for exposing to me all sorts of arts at an early age and my dad for passing down his entrepreneurial bug. So whether you're a regular (woohoo & thank you!) or a newbie (I hope we connect soon!) THANK YOU for stopping by today. If you've got the time, leave some love below…it makes my heart smile :) Check back soon for new blog posts and images of the new collateral! I am just over the moon excited about all this and can't wait to share! Cyn Kain photography is genuine, timeless and full of life. Just as I strive to be everyday. p.s. I would love for you to "like" me on Facebook and follow me Twitter!
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    • Brett Arthur: Congrats on the new branding! It looks absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of photographing the collateral for Lara last week and was blown away by the awesomeness of everything. Looking forward to watching where this takes you! (24.08.2011, 8:08AM)
    • Beth: I love the new look! (23.08.2011, 6:08PM)
    • emily hansel: It looks great Cyn!!!! I love it! (23.08.2011, 1:08PM)
    • Caitlin Sullivan: Oh my stars! I LOVE the new look, Cyn! I was camping yesterday and had no service and was so excited to get home to see this amazingness. Congrats! It is only the beginning, my friend! :) (19.08.2011, 3:08PM)
    • Cyn: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your sweet comments!! I am still so full of excitement! (19.08.2011, 1:08PM)
    • Nancy Slagle: Yay!!!! cynthia, so proud of you. (19.08.2011, 12:08PM)
    • Marissa @ Lara Casey Reps: SO excited for you, Cyn! SUCH big things are coming your way! You've got this!! Congratulations!! (19.08.2011, 11:08AM)
    • Cari: AMAZING CYNTHIA!! Loved reading the blog! I am so happy for you and will u e checking back frequently! Miss u and will always love you!!! (19.08.2011, 4:08AM)
    • Sarah Stroscio: Cyn, congratulations! The site is beautiful. I'm also an MTH alum and completely agree that it is like having cheerleaders every day! Sending you some love and cheer from Florida! (18.08.2011, 10:08PM)
    • Asha Patel: A million and one congrats to you, Cynthia! The site is absolutely spectaular! I keep opening the page over and over again! Simple, classic, and totally you! Can't wait to schedule our fall session with you! Too many ideas running through my head! (18.08.2011, 9:08PM)
    • Claire Devine: Congratulations on your new brand! It all looks amazing.! Matt and I are so excited to work with you over the next year with our upcoming wedding. Best wishes! (18.08.2011, 8:08PM)
    • Nick: It's amazing! (18.08.2011, 8:08PM)
    • Bethany Aleshire: I simply adore your rebrand!!! The meaning behind the owl is to lovely...makes me want to wear my owl necklace again! I'm a newbie and I can't wait to see where your path will take you to next! (18.08.2011, 7:08PM)
    • Tamara Menges: Hi! Congratulations on your "New" brand and look! How exciting! I recently went through the same thing with my business, so I know how you feel about portraying your business a certain way!! I've been following (blog stalking) Lara's blog and the Making Things Happen for quite some time and Im so happy you had the opportunity to work with them! I hope one day soon I can as well! Congratulations again on your success! God bless! (18.08.2011, 6:08PM)
    • Kailey-Michelle: Huge Congrats Cyn! Your new brand is fabulous and beautiful. May you be blessed :) (18.08.2011, 6:08PM)
    • Kristin Nicole: Love it all! (18.08.2011, 6:08PM)
    • Emily Ley: CYN! I'm so unbelievably excited for you! You've got HUGE THINGS ahead my friend, HUGE!! Happy dance for all your hard work! Emily (18.08.2011, 6:08PM)