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Heller Family | Chapel Hill, NC | Family

Over the past few months I have been lucky to meet and photograph so many wonderful families. It’s that time of year again, the kids have grown and with the holidays coming up – what better time than now to get updated photos to share with family and friends!

Meet the beautiful Heller family.

Just look at those GORGEOUS eyes.

One of my favorite things about family sessions is capturing a few moments of just the parents. As you can see, their love was so easy to capture :)

So happy to have met y’all! What a great afternoon!

Sands Family | Raleigh, NC | Lifestyle

This adorable family has been on the blog before when Carla Jo was about 8 months pregnant with Jackson and then again just after Jackson was born. There is lots of love in this post as Carla Jo and Jon just celebrated their 2 year anniversary earlier this month and little man Jackson will be turning 1 in December. For those that don’t know, Carla Jo was my pot-luck college roommate (all 4 years!) and is one of my very best friends. My how the time flies! Carla Jo and Jon are one of those couples that are always smiling and laughing…and as you can see below, Jackson has taken after his mommy and daddy.

During this photo shoot the entire NC State cheerleading team walked by and “ooohhhhed and awwwed” over Jackson….and he didn’t mind one bit. Watch out ladies, he is going to be a little heartbreaker, just look at those GORGEOUS eyes!

Of course I had to get a few shots of just Carla Jo and Jon…
I can’t wait for Jackson to celebrate his 1st birthday, so exciting! Love you all!

Nelson Family…and Eli’s debut | Wagram, NC | Family

Terry and Vince just celebrated 41 years of marriage earlier this year. I just love the second image of them below because after all those years they still look so in love. Not only did they have a great anniversary to celebrate, but they also welcomed their second grandchild into the family this summer. I met up with everyone at their farm to take some family photos…I was so excited to see Piper and finally get to meet baby Eli!

Piper, the oldest grandchild for Terry and Vince, is such a little mama’s girl. She turns three in November and it amazes me how much she has learned since the last time I saw her.
Now meet baby Eli. One thing I learned about him (besides the fact that he super cute) is that this kid can seriously sleep anywhere. He was asleep just moments before this photo and after we woke him up he was asleep seconds after this was taken. 
Who doesn’t love baby feet? I know I do.
So sleepy. Getting your photo taken is HARD work for a little guy. 
Everyone all together with Eli trying to squeeze in a power nap ;)

Thanks for having me! Piper and Eli are going to have so much fun growing up  as cousins!