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Summer Shoesday

Hope y’all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! It was a bit overcast yesterday morning here in VA so a girlfriend and I hit the mall for the first part of  the day and eventually found ourselves trying on some fabulous Tory Burch wedges (shhh, don’t tell our husbands!) – perfect timing for my Tuesday Shoesday post. How perfect are these sandal wedges these for summer?                                                                                                       Image Via


Because I am so excited for all my upcoming spring and summer weddings I wanted to find some great sandals for today’s Shoesday post. Not only do I really want (*cough* NEED *cough*) these shoes, I also think they would be so perfect for a bride with an outdoor ceremony or to change into as some dancing shoes….but if you’ve already got your wedding day shoes,  we surely cannot forget about the honeymoon :) 
Shoes by Kate Spade


If you love fashion and keeping up with new trends prepare to be addicted to The Coveteur. While reading about Lauren Conrad in a Coveteur feature, I stumbled across these  FANTASTIC shoes she owns – which she found while vacationing in Italy. In her caption of these shoes, Lauren says, “I love how they dance as you walk”.

Sigh. I can only imagine :)

I can totally picture a bride wearing a little reception party dress dancing the night away in these amazing shoes. Love the shoes? Go on and check out what else is in Lauren Conrad’s closes in her Coveteur feature HERE. (Shoes by :: by Alexander McQueen)


Oh my was it hard to say goodbye to vacation with the hubs. We had a fantastic time during our mini-getaway to DC last week. One thing I always love about cities like DC and New York is packing – I have so much fun planning my outfits. Both cities require lots of walking – so of course I had comfy, stylish outfits for daytime – then fun dressier outfits in the evening…you know, those outfits that require us ladies to wear those shoes we have a love-hate relationship with :)

Anyhow – I am in love with these shoes by Chloé. Perfect for a city chic outfit, don’t you agree?

Shoesday :: Valentine’s Date Night

Seeing that Valentine’s Day is one week away, I thought I would find some fun shoes to inspire your date night next week! Yep, I am one of those gals who enjoy’s valentine’s day. I realize there are some out there who protest the day, think its a money making scheme, too commercialized (yes, I’ll admit this one a bit), but to be honest, griping about it doesn’t do anything positive. I say embrace the opportunity to celebrate love and to remind ourselves how much we have to be thankful for – and not just love with our main squeeze, but with family and friends too. Ok off my soapbox.

This will my 8th Valentine’s Day with the hubs. On our very first one he cooked me a delicious 4 course meal at his apartment (with lots of flowers waiting – I seriously adore flowers, year round – they are always in our home!)…from then on we decided that Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to stay in and have fun cooking together. This year we will be breaking our tradition as we will be in Washington, DC most of next week for a mini-getaway during his time off work. If anyone has any suggestion as to where we should eat in DC for a romantic night, please let me know!

But whether you stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day , it is still so much fun picking out an outfit and some cute little shoes to match :)

1 + 2 :: Adorable shoes by Vivenne Westwood (Images by Max Wanger – found on Fashion Binge)
3 :: J.Crew ballet flats in poppy
4 :: Kate Spade Charm

I picked the above shoes as inspiration. The Vivienne Westwood shoes are quirky and unique. The J.Crew ballet flats are probably what you would have found on me if the hubs and I were eating in (combined with a fun top and skinny jeans, of course), And I had to throw in a fun sparkly shoe into the mix for those of y’all going out big – and Kate Spade knows how to do sparkle!

Now with all the fun and gorgeous shoes out there, your options are endless – however you can never go wrong in a classic pair of black pumps – they always class up an outfit and fit any occasion.Image found on Pinterest (Originated from STREETFSN)

Here is to some cute footwear on Valentine’s day – hey we all can use an excuse to go shoe shopping, right? Happy Shoesday!