image credit:: Laura Gordon

image credit:: Laura Gordon

image credit:: Laura Gordon

From as early as I can remember, I loved art, dance, dresses, flowers and all things girl. I believe in the power of love and children remind me that miracles happen every day.

I am a mama to the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart. She keeps me constantly inspired – in work and life. Lucky to have found my forever love so young at just 18, I married one of the hardest working, selfless people I know. Immeasurably grateful for his love and support in this life we continue to create.

While I cannot tell you I grew up knowing what I wanted to be professionally, I can say that because of my family, I always knew what I ultimately wanted for my life – Find my perfect someone to share this crazy-fun life with, be the best mama I could to some little loves and make as many memories as time allows.

As a self-taught photographer I first started shooting eight years ago and primarily focused on weddings until Summer 2015. With many hours logged in the car and six airplane trips, our new little one traveled near and far with me allowing me to document my last year full of beautiful weddings. While I find myself missing all those wonderful relationships the wedding industry allowed me to cultivate, I knew I needed to follow the shift in my heart. I am happy to be focused on lifestyle and family photography, allowing me to stay passionate in work and more present at home.

Documenting people’s love stories is such an honor. These love stories are what inspire me – whether it is the love between a couple married for 60 years, between sisters who are best friends or the love between a mother, father and child. The love shared between people is unique and intimate, just as I strive to make the moments I capture. My hope is that these photographs will tell your story for years to come by leaving a beautiful legacy.

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