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    Hi there.

    Welcome to my blog! Whether you are a new visitor (hi!) or a regular, please know that when I say I am excited you are here, I really am EXCITED you stopped by! You will get to know me here - the me behind the camera. The girl who thinks it's never too cold for ice cream. The girl who lets her lab sleep in the bed…yes,under the covers! The girl who is so proud of and totally in love with her husband. I can't wait to get to know you, too. So, sit a spell with me and enjoy!

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    Meet Ann Marie. She is going bald for the kids.

    Feb 02, 2012

    Ok y’all…please meet my sweet friend, Ann Marie. In less than 1 month. She will be going bald. As in shaving.her.head.with.no.guard.BALD.

    Why is she going bald? For the kids…those awesome kiddos out there who are bravely fighting cancer everyday. She and many others will be uniting with kids fighting cancer in hopes to find a cure through St. Baldrick’s. St. Baldrick’s is a volunteer-driven charity and for the next few weeks Ann Marie will be raising money to help find cures and to give hope to all those fighting cancer.

    I feel so lucky to have met Ann Marie. She is KIND. She is FUNNY. She is GENUINE. And she has one the BIGGEST HEARTS I know. I realize that many of you reading this now do not personally know Ann Marie – but I am willing to bet most of you have had a loved one battle cancer. Any donations you friends can spare will be very much appreciated.

    On February 25, I will be documenting Ann Marie and her teammates shave their heads. I will be sure to share moments from that day as well as thoughts personally from Ann Marie. Ann Marie is a middle school teacher and has over 16 students from her school participating in this amazing cause.

    Please donate towards Ann Marie’s fundraising cause HERE

    *Help Ann Marie exceed her goal HERE
    **Find out more about St. Baldrick’s HERE 

    Whether you are able to donate or not – saying a prayer for these kids and sending happy thoughts Ann Marie’s way will be much appreciated! Thank you, friends!

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    • Mom: Ann Marie, You do have a big heart. i am looking forward to hearing the success stories of this wonderful program you're involved in.
      I Love You,
      Mom (04.02.2012, 7:02PM)
    • Katherine: wow! she has such a big heart :) (03.02.2012, 10:02AM)
    • Meredith Perdue: Wow, Ann Marie sounds like a truly incredible person! As are you for volunteering your time for such a cause! (03.02.2012, 10:02AM)
    • Erin McLean: Go girl!! (02.02.2012, 4:02PM)


    Jan 31, 2012

    I get super excited on Tuesdays to see everyone’s Tuesday Shoesday post so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I mean, I adore shoes – I look at them online all.the.time. – so why not share what I see…the good, the bad and unique.

    It is awesomely bright and sunny  today with a  high is 67 degrees. This gorgeous weather is what lead me to these shoes. I want to put on a fun bright dress, these Christian Louboutin shoes and skip around town. Can y’all tell I am so ready for spring?

    They’re simple and versatile. What do y’all think?

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    • Katherine: These. Are. Incredible! Makes me so ready for 75 degrees and sunshine! :) (02.02.2012, 9:02AM)

    Meet Baby Hayes + what’s to come in February | Durham, NC | Newborn


    Some of y’all already got a sneak peek of this adorable little man on my facebook page…For those that didn’t, please meet Harrison Hayes. Like all little ones, he has the most adorable fingers and toes. He is perfectly healthy and looks just like his daddy.

    It’s hard to believe it will be February this week. There is lots I will be doing this month – one of which will be blogging more…lots more. Of course blogging my shoots, about wedding goodies, but what I am most excited about  blogging is FOOD. I love to eat…so it’s a good thing I love to cook! Disclaimer :: I am no Julia Child and I am not whipping up these recipes off the top of my head – but I sure do to enjoy finding a delish recipe, modifying it to our liking and calling myself a master chef ;)

    So get ready, my first food post will be this Friday! Now I am pleased to introduce little man Harrison…

    Leo is one of Katie and John’s sweet pups. He is already so protective of little brother, Harrison. Wherever Harrison goes…Leo follows. No doubt they will grow up best buds. Not photographed are Harrison’s other furry siblings :: 2 pups and 2 cats :)

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    • Katie: I can't believe this was almost two years ago! These are still some of my favorite pictures of Harrison! (09.08.2013, 1:08PM)